WIAW: A Sick Day

Last week, I picked Em J up from the babysitters and she looked like she had put blush on before nap.


I immediately chocked it up to the fact that it was a warm day outside and Em J was wearing fleece pants, socks and shoes while taking a nap.


By the time we got home, went on a walk, played with play dough and went out for ice cream at my school’s spirit night, Em J was definitely not feeling well.


I quickly gave her medicine to get her fever down and tried to get her to go to bed to knock it out of her but alas in the morning, Andy took Em to urgent care. She had a double ear infection.


I spent the next day at home taking care of my little baby girl. I always thought a sick day at home with Em J sounded nice. I figured we would just lay around and watch movies and cuddle. Hahaaa, how naive. I spent the day with a whiny baby clung to my body. Needless to say my back was not feeling too well that night. My whole body felt like it had been hit by a truck.


So, let’s see what I was able to throw together for myself while holding a toddler on my hip.



I have been obsessed with egg sandwiches recently. They are just so delicious. The cheese, egg and bread combo is delightful. They are pretty easy to make. And they aren’t expensive. What more can you ask for?

This one had a scrambled egg, colby jack cheese, pesto all on an english muffin topped with siracha sauce.


Going for an elementary school lunch. I guess I missed work more than I wanted to admit.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, watermelon and homemade cheese crackers (these are some of my favorite snacks right now).


My mother in law sent me a link on facebook for some granola, banana and chocolate chip cookies. I tried them out and they were pretty good. There was enough sweetness to make it a nice dessert or a special treat in the afternoon. By the time my sick day afternoon came around I needed a relaxing treat. So, instead of getting things done, which is my normal go to, I sat down with a cup of Trader Joe’s Chai Tea and a cookie.

It was a nice way to revive myself during an exhausting day.


Spaghetti. Delicious and simple. Pasta is a go to meal for us and it is a misconception that it isn’t healthy. White pasta isn’t but whole wheat pasta is a great way to get healthy carbs. And no matter how many women hate me saying this carbs are an essential part of the diet. Carbs are where you get your main source of energy from. The problem is that a slice of white bread or a donut isn’t the right amount of carb. But whole wheat pasta with a whole ingredient pasta sauce on top is a great source of crabs and veggies.

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